CI-FIRE White Paper: Why FanTaaStic is a good fit for SMEs

A good approach for the SME market segment would be a fast-track to guaranteed testing; a one-stop-shop federation where specific needs are translated into different phases with training, guidance and support even at a minimum level. Jean-Charles Point, JCP-Connect & FUSION

FanTaaStic fits the bill!

In this White Paper, Why FanTaaStic is a good fit for SMEs, CI-FIRE presents the conclusions of a dialogue between industry leaders and SMEs on the added value that the FanTaaStic Broker Service brings to the ICT test facilities market.


FanTaaStic has set as a top priority a service portfolio with SME needs firmly in mind, not. Its added value is recognised as a very good fit for SMEs by the business community itself, both small and large companies.
FanTaaStic offers support that SMEs typically need in many different product development phases, especially testing support. It also supports SMEs that typically lack know-how to set up a multi-tech test bed but they need enabling so they can focus on their new product.
FanTaaStic has implemented the innovation cycle to enable the intelligent development of new systems, from prototype to market. It is a virtuous cycle for continuous improvements at every stage. This rapid iteration is a fail-fast, experiment-driven approach that challenges the roadmap at every milestone, with the means to validate assumptions at each step in the innovation cycle. This fail-fast rapid iteration can also help to reduce risk as an important feature for European businesses, many of which tend to be conservative and risk-averse.
FanTaaStic is a real opportunity for FIRE test bed facilities to implement pioneering sustainability models and advertise their offer through the Brokerage Service. Its eTOM framework can be used as a check list to verify the market readiness of test beds, which need a ‘seal of approval’ before integration.