QoS Oriented Service Management in Large Scale Federated Clouds - SILICON Experiment on BonFIRE

The SILICON experiment, conducted by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), evaluated, extended and optimised a set of mechanisms (namely QoS-Oriented Service Management mechanisms) that enable the provision of QoS guarantees in cloud infrastructures. These mechanisms have been developed in the framework of two Internet of Services projects, namely IRMOS (i.e. monitoring, event evaluation and workflow management) and VISIONCloud (i.e. building on top of the IRMOS monitoring mechanism to enhance it for data-intensive cloud services).

The workflow management framework allows for non-monolithic applications to be executed in clouds, while the effective monitoring mechanism collects and aggregates monitoring information from application and infrastructure levels, and based on specific provisioning policies triggers runtime adaptability (e.g. scaling).