Announcement: Evolution of FIRE Workshop, March 2014

This event annoncement zooms in on the Pre-FIA2014 workshop, "Evolution of FIRE: Facilities, Services and Collaboration Strategies for Sustainability” in Athens on 17-18 March 2014, organised by the EU-funded support projects AmpliFIRE, CI-FIRE and FUSION at FIA2014.

Hans Schaffer, Aalto University and AmpliFIRE: The session on market demand and requirements for FIRE facilities brings together representatives from EIT ICT Labs and the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP), covering needs from businesses, large and small. It also looks at future experimentation requirements to ensure FIRE facilities continue to be demand-driven.”

Jean-Charles Point, JCP Consult and FUSION: The session on business-driven developments of Internet services and applications focuses on how FIRE facilities can increasingly support innovation and business creation. Startups have already been both users and contributors to FIRE but many SMEs could benefit from experimental platforms for their product development phase. This is important to boost efforts aimed at supporting innovation and business creation for SMEs.”

Milon Gupta, Eurescom, coordinator of CI-FIRE: At the workshop we will explore collaboration opportunities for the economic viability of FIRE facilities and services. In particular, the session is focused on the potential roles of initiatives and stakeholders in Europe and globally, including EIT ICT Labs, GÉANT and GENI in the US. We will be looking at the underlying business models and pathways towards concrete collaborations as part of a collective drive towards sustainability.”

Martin Potts, Martel, AmpliFIRE, CI-FIRE, FUSION: The workshop concludes with an interactive discussion that draws on the findings from the previous sessions. It zooms in on the future evolution of FIRE to help define a roadmap and action plan, including the development of the market, customers, facilities, services, as well as collaborative efforts aimed at shaping the 2020 vision for a dynamic, sustainable, large-scale experimental facility for Europe.”

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