White Paper on FI-PPP Innovation and Business Ecosystems

The European Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) adopts an industry-driven, user-centric approach to significantly advance the implementation and uptake of a European-scale market for smart infrastructures that can apply to many domains. With a total budget of €600 million (€300 million public funding matched by the same amount of private funding), the FI-PPP brings together over 150 European private and public sector organisations from sectors as diverse as energy, media, transport, logistics, mobility, food, safety and security, work environments, and health.

The FI-PPP takes place in a multi-layered platform that has the potential to create vibrant dynamics of new applications and cross-domain Future Internet systems. This potential is captured in its White Paper, 'Towards FI-PPP Innovation and Business Ecosystems' (November 2013). The Paper outlines the business potential of the Future Internet technologies developed in the FI-PPP programme in relation to the underlying innovation and business ecosystems.