5G Testbeds and Hands-On Experimental Research Workshop @EuCNC 2015

9 June 2015 @09:00-18:00, Paris, France, during EuCNC
The workshop will be jointly organised by the AmpliFIRE, CREW, and WiSHFUL projects, which are part of the FIRE initiative, with participation from the NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform and from the 5G Infrastructure Association.
As the workshop will last for a full day (09:00-18:00), the morning session will be focused on initiating a general discussion on 5G and experimental test beds. This will involve strategic presentations on the future of 5G, discussions on how experimental research and test beds could help the take up and successful development of 5G, and also how 5G technology could support the evolution and/or integration of test beds. Both technical and policy issues will be addressed, centered on the questions of WHAT needs to be done and HOW this can be achieved. The morning session will close with panel discussion, which will have the objective of coming to some conclusions on possible directions to follow.
The afternoon session will be dedicated to discussing specific technical issues that are on the table at this stage, and the steps that can be taken to resolve these issues in order to contribute to the technology evolution presented during the morning session. A hands-on tutorial of the OneLab experimental facility will be presented in the afternoon, allowing participants experience in navigating the OneLab portal and deploying experiments across our heterogeneous platforms. For this tutorial, two experiments will be setup for users, so as to demonstrate the functionalities of the FIT IoT-Lab and NITOS-Lab platforms. For the first experiment on IoT-Lab, they will access the OneLab portal and reserve IoT-Lab mobile nodes (located at Lille, Strasbourg and Grenoble sites), and the experiment results will show a mobility pattern for each robot. The third experiment will allow users to reserve NITOS nodes and use the OMF (cOntrol and Management Framework) framework to control the experiment. This will give users the opportunity to learn how to use the OMF tool for experiment management and control.
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