CI-FIRE Synergy with EIT ICT Labs

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has a mission to increase European sustainable growth and competitiveness by promoting an innovation culture and entrepreneurial spirit among young researchers. The aim is to boost innovation processes by integrating the three sides of the Knowledge Triangle: Higher Education, Research and Business.

FIRE experimental platforms have already proven that experimentally-driven research and innovation are key mechanisms for the development of the Future Internet and economy.

CI-FIRE works closely with EIT ICT Labs with the aim of making FIRE test facilities economically viable and of fostering Internet-enabled innovation based on the use of these facilities.


Together, CI-FIRE and EIT ICT Labs are driving forward new research approaches. Key activities include launching a new platform with dedicated services.

  •  Developing a “Business API” for facilitating the process of commercial usage of FIRE facilities.
  • Performing business planning: identifying different client groups, revenue models, partnering models and operational plans for the test bed. Assessing legal implications.
  • Conducting a technical gap analysis as well as a business gap analysis on both sides: FIRE and EIT ICT Labs.