EIT ICT Labs UK is based at the London node, which joined in January 2014 in recognition of the vibrant ICT ecosystem in the UK. The London Co-Location Centre at Imperial West seeks to grow into a hotspot of ICT innovation, attracting talents and investments to create new businesses, jobs and societal impacts.

Its core partnership has a strong industry focus and two top universities, with on-going discussions with organisations about possible partnerships with EIT ICT Labs. Partners have a strong interest in the ability of ICT to enable the control and planning of smart city infrastructure and will make this one of their focuses in EIT ICT Lab activities.

Core ICT competence: Cyber-physical systems, smart energy, future cloud, health and well-being, urban life and mobility.

Core partners: Intel and BT flanked by Imperial College London and University College London. 

Associate partners: currently include Vodafone, IBM, the University of Edinburgh and the Institute for Sustainability.