EIT ICT Labs Netherland has its Node and Co-location Centre in Eindhoven, an ecosystem of universities, research institutions, businesses, and SME associations. The Eindhoven Node aims to make a lasting contribution to the Smart Society. The wide use of shared living lab facilities in the Eindhoven region helps to accelerate innovation by integrating education, research and business.

Core ICT competences: health and wellbeing. New business creation. Lifelong learning.

Facilities offered: Master School and Doctoral Programme. Living Lab facility. Open Access to experimental facilities. Incubator facilities. Training and support.

Suitable FIRE testbeds/facilities: Fed4FIRE (facility project). iLab.t and Virtual Wall (testbeds).

Core partners: Philips, 3TU, NIRICT, Novay, CWI, TNO, Océ.

Affiliated partners: Holst Centre, Utrecht University, NXP and High Tech NL. iMinds acts as an associated partner outside the Node country.