EIT ICT Labs Trento (Italy): The co-location and node in Trento focuses on ICT for Quality of Life with a Co-Location Centre in Trento, a thriving area of innovative companies in a "Semantic Valley" that brings together leading players in the Italian ICT landscape.  The strategy is to become a hub for trials and experimentations in aand around the Trento region by providing a single holistic view on how ICT can contribute to increase the Quality of Life.

Satellite in Milan: The satellite in Milan was opened in May 2014 in recognition of its developments of smart city infrastructures and initiatives. EIT ICT Labs drives smart city innovation through its projects in the areas of Urban Life and Mobility, Smart Spaces and Future Cloud. The satellite was also chosen because Milan is the venue of the 2015 Universal EXPO, which is attracting significant investments and is transforming the city into an ideal experimental and showcase arena for projects where ICT is a key innovation enabler. The activities and investments linked to EXPO 2015 will leave a footprint in the city that will outlive the event itself and will keep Milan at the forefront of urban life experimentation and innovation.

Core ICT competences: Communications and infrastructures. Smart cities. Experience and Living Labs. Privacy, Security and Trust in IT. Intelligent mobility and transportation systems.

Facilities offered: Dotoral programmes. Open access to experimental facilities.

Partners: Leading ICT players in Italy, co-located in the Povo Scientific and technological centre Trento CLC, such as Engineering S.p.A., Telecom Italia and TrentoRISE.

Afiliated partners: these partners engage in activities in many parts of Italy such as the labs of the National Research Council (CNR). Other labs connected to the Co-Location Centre include Milan Polytechnic (Lombardy); Turin Polytechnic (Piedmont); Alma Mater Studorium at the University of Bologna (Emilia Romagna) and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Tuscany).

Affiliated business partners: FIAT Research Centre (CFR), Cooperazione Trentina, PosteItaliane, Reply and ST Microelectronics.