EIT ICT Labs Germany GmbH (a legal entity) has its Node and Co-locaton Centre in Berlin. It has a strong focus on innovation and is well connected with education and research activities that have a proven track record in European projects. The Berlin node builds on a strong network of partners in the field of entrepreneurial education and innovation.

Core ICT competences: Smart Energy Systems. Internet Technologies and Architecture. Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems. Cyber-Physical Systems. Software Campus (a joint educational project initiated by industry, research and the German Federal Government).

Facilities offered: Master and Doctoral Programme. Innovation Consulting, such as advising, managing. Partner innovation activities, such as the Telekom Innovation Contest. Best Practice Benchmarking, e.g. evaluation, performance, measurements and portfolio management. Innovation Radar, such as the foresight instrument that identifies, tracks and evaluates trends in thematically relevant topics.

Suitable FIRE testbeds/facilities: Fed4FIRE (facility project). FUSECO (testbed). CREW and EVARILOS (facility project & FIRE research project). TWIST (tesbed).

Partners: It works closely with six core partners: Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, SAP, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, DFKI GmbH and TU Berlin. The Berlin Node also has close ties with six affiliate partners: Saarland University, TU Darmstadt - Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED), TU München, Fortiss Institute and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Satellite Co-Location Center in Munich (Satellite-CLC): this is a second innovation hotspot in Germany. It is a physical co-working venue within the premises of our partner fortiss Institute, a hub of education, research, innovation, business and synergies. It is active in all parts of the Knowledge Triangle: Education, Research and Business. Munich is the capital-city of Bavaria and the economic centre of southern Germany. Munich is also a centre for biotechnology, software, and manufacturers, among others.

Core Partners: Fortiss Institute, Siemens AG, CDTM, TU München, LMU, as well as many others.

Focus: supporting ICT Startups and growth and development of SMEs in an active and sustainable theme-oriented interaction with tech leaders in the region. It also plays an important role as a pioneer in accelerating innovation in and around Munich, encouraging the location of startups that bring opportunities for growth and an international focus.