EIT ICT Labs France has three hotspots: Paris and satellites in Rennes and Sophia Antipolis. The focus on innovation and competitiveness challenges in ICT capitalises on the activities of its core and affiliated partner networks. Through Education, Research and Business, EIT ICT Labs France helps to build truly useful, successful products and services.

Core ICT competence: media, telco and information technologies. Life sciences. Environmental sciences and fine chemicals. Secured communicating systems.

Facilities offered: Master School and Doctoral Programme. Open access to experimental facilities.

Suitable FIRE testbeds/facilities: OpenLab (facility project and testbed). The Paris Node Senslab is used for the Future Internet of Things with core competence also in the federation of wired and wireless networks. These features are offered to other Nodes and Associate Partners of EIT ICT Labs. Suitable FIRE facilties include OneLab, which is part of the OpenLab facility.

Core partners: The INRIA research institution, the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA), Alcatel-Lucent, Orange, Thales, the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris-Sud University and the Institut Mines-Telecom.

Affiliated partners: Cassidian, Alfstore, Missions Publiques, JCP-Consult, Milpix, Telecom Saint-Etienne. The partnership also includes a number of clusters, such as Cap Digital, Images & Réseaux, Secured Communicating Systems (CSC) and Systematic. nother research cluster, Digiteo and two affiliated universities, Rennes 1 University and Nice-Sophia-Antipolis University, is also dedicated effort to supporting the node.

Paris: The Paris Co-location Centre is a vibrant place which hosts dynamic startups, one of the main Paris region competitiveness cluster, and a very active incubator. These new companies benefit from the facility to develop their business. It also gathers the EIT ICT Labs Master students around regular activities.

Rennes: a major R&D hub in information sciences and one of the few clusters in the world at the convergence point of media, telco and information technologies. Partners in Rennes are Rennes 1 University, Inria, Institut Mines Telecom-Telecom Bretagne, Orange, Thales and Images & Réseaux.

Sophia Antipolis: one of the leading R&D hubs in Europe, hosting corporate research in information technology, life sciences, environmental sciences and fine chemicals. Members are University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, Inria, Eurecom,  Orange and the Competitiveness Cluster on Secured Communicating Systems, or SCS for short.