EIT ICT Labs is an Innovation Factory for ICT Innovation in Europe and the innovation action lines are the production lines. They address key societal issues in a number of selected areas for which ICT can bring forward significant improvements.

Core ICT developments focus on Future Networks, Future Cloud and Privacy, Security and Trust.

Future Networks

A good approach for the SME market segment would be a fast-track to guaranteed testing; a one-stop-shop federation where specific needs are translated into different phases with training, guidance and support even at a minimum level. Jean-Charles Point, JCP-Connect & FUSION

FanTaaStic fits the bill!

EIT ICT Labs Finland has its Node and Co-location in Helsinki. Its aim is to be an active thought leader in setting the Finnish agenda for future ICT by focusing on specific areas.

Core ICT competence: Mobile data expansion. Smart spaces and ubiquitous interaction. Green ICT for ecological sustainability. Trusted and secure cloud and data management. Preventive and personal healthcare. Sustainable digital cities. Industrial Internet.

EIT ICT Labs France has three hotspots: Paris and satellites in Rennes and Sophia Antipolis. The focus on innovation and competitiveness challenges in ICT capitalises on the activities of its core and affiliated partner networks. Through Education, Research and Business, EIT ICT Labs France helps to build truly useful, successful products and services.

Core ICT competence: media, telco and information technologies. Life sciences. Environmental sciences and fine chemicals. Secured communicating systems.

EIT ICT Labs Germany GmbH (a legal entity) has its Node and Co-locaton Centre in Berlin. It has a strong focus on innovation and is well connected with education and research activities that have a proven track record in European projects. The Berlin node builds on a strong network of partners in the field of entrepreneurial education and innovation.

EIT ICT Labs Trento (Italy): The co-location and node in Trento focuses on ICT for Quality of Life with a Co-Location Centre in Trento, a thriving area of innovative companies in a "Semantic Valley" that brings together leading players in the Italian ICT landscape.  The strategy is to become a hub for trials and experimentations in aand around the Trento region by providing a single holistic view on how ICT can contribute to increase the Quality of Life.

EIT ICT Labs Netherland has its Node and Co-location Centre in Eindhoven, an ecosystem of universities, research institutions, businesses, and SME associations. The Eindhoven Node aims to make a lasting contribution to the Smart Society. The wide use of shared living lab facilities in the Eindhoven region helps to accelerate innovation by integrating education, research and business.

Core ICT competences: health and wellbeing. New business creation. Lifelong learning.

EIT ICT Labs Sweden has its Node and Co-Location Centre in the Kista Science City, the "Silicon Valley" of Stockholm. This is the largest ICT cluster in Europe and among the top five worldwide.

Core ICT competence: Mobile and wireless communication. Multimedia and broadband systems.

Facilities offered: Master school programme.


EIT ICT Labs UK is based at the London node, which joined in January 2014 in recognition of the vibrant ICT ecosystem in the UK. The London Co-Location Centre at Imperial West seeks to grow into a hotspot of ICT innovation, attracting talents and investments to create new businesses, jobs and societal impacts.

The European Commission’s future internet research and experimentation (FIRE) programme has brought Europe world-class test beds for testing and validating future internet technologies before taking new innovations to market. Many FIRE facilities have reached a leve