Idea Challenge: France makes a very good second wave

Idea Challenge of EIT ICT Labsstartups had to submit their ideas and business model on 1 of the 8 innovation areas covered by EIT ICT Labs (Cyber-Physical Systems; Future Cloud; Future Networking Solutions; Health & Wellbeing; Privacy, Security & Trust; Smart Energy Systems; Smart Spaces and Urban Life and Mobility).  
The lucky and talented start-ups pitched their project to an international jury, in 8 European cities. 
For each innovation area, the 3 best projects were awarded not only financial help (first prize 40 K Euros, second prize 25 K Euros, third prize 15 K Euros) but also resources to develop their business (coaching and mentoring by Business Developers, integration into pan-European partners network and activities of EIT ICT Labs, office space for 6 months in the European country of their choice). 
With 86 submissions out of a total of 790 EU wide, France presented 11 finalists in 7 innovation areas. At the end, 4 French start-ups were awarded, winning a total of 70 K Euros prizes out of 640 K. 
The French winners stand in the second wave. 
Yespark, Instant System, Sentryo and Sensewaves, received prizes respectively in the Urban Life and Mobility, Cyber Security & Privacy and Internet of Things categories. 
"This prize will allow us to scale up by investing in new parkings. Idea Challenge is an excellent contest which should be known more. I encourage other start-ups to participate into the next waves", says Thibaut Chary, co-founder and CEO of Yespark.
This wave in particular represents a great success for France. 
France number 1 in terms of number of winners: 4 vs. Italy 3, Germany 2
France number 2 in terms of the amount of awarded prizes: 70 K Euros vs. Italy 105 K Euros, Germany, UK and Netherlands 40 K Euros each
Let's hope 2015 sees even more innovative new companies being born, including through the 2015 Idea Challenge.