Working Together

The European Commission’s future internet research and experimentation (FIRE) programme has brought Europe world-class test beds for testing and validating future internet technologies before taking new innovations to market. Many FIRE facilities have reached a level of maturity, making them ready for wider use beyond their original partnerships. It is also a catalyst to put into practice pioneering sustainability models.
Sustainability and the best use of these facilities after the ending of funding is highly critical for the European Commission. It is also a priority for the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT Digital). CI-FIRE has focused on analysing the sustainabiliy potential of these test beds and has established a collaboration with EIT Digital and its FanTaaStic that has rolled out a Broker Service to bring test beds and users closer together.
Fraunhofer's FUSECO Playground via FanTaaStic and OneLab facilities have served as early test cases towards an exemplary FIRE sustainability model. 
Collaboration Outcomes
Both FanTaaStic and OneLab have drawn on the expertise, know-how and resources resulting from the future internet research and experimentation programme as part of a collective effort in Europe. They have implemented new services and test beds with a market-facing approach, supporting innovation especially by small firms across Europe.
The FanTaaStic Broker Service is now offering a one-stop-shop for testing and validating new products and services. OneLab has learned from the FanTaaStic approach, significantly growing by incorporating new platforms. It now counts 17 advanced test beds. 
CI-FIRE has guided the evolution of FanTaaStic and OneLab with a practical approach, ensuring they fully understand the emerging future internet market, especially from the viewpoint of small firms. On a practical level, it has:
- widely promoted the benefits of the FanTaaStic Broker Service to small firms testing and validating new products and services for the future internet market.
- analysed the new services and tools from the perspective of SMEs, including the production of white papers. 
- established close synergies with multipliers, including accelerators and small business associations.
- interacted closely with prospective providers of test bed services from FIRE, promoting benefits and sustainability opportunities.
- evaluated the FanTaaStic business model and offered practical advice on improving it, especially creating new distribution channels and advice on marketing.