With CI-FIRE you choose state-of-the-art test beds across Europe for testing in large-scale environments across fixed, wireless and mobile networks. SMEs see clear benefits and practical information on how to get started.

Are you an SME with a beta technoology for the future internet not yet fully tested?

Are you an entrepreneur with a new idea for the future internet?

You've come to the right place: a service portfolio where SMEs and large companies can test in areas such as Sensor Networks, 5G/Wireless Broadband, Cloud/SDN, Wired Networks, Multimedia and Underwater Communications in large-scale environments.

Save time, effort and money | Achieve your business goals | Gain scalability, flexibility, reliability, quality of service.

BonFIRE - Open Access

BonFIRE enables developers to research new, faster, cheaper or more flexible ways of running applications with new business models. SMEs and researchers can test different cloud scenarios, such as cloud bursting and hybrid clouds across BonFIRE's 5 European sites.


CONFINE (community networks testbed for the Future Internet) provides an experimental facility that supports and extends experimentally-driven research on community-owned Open Local IP Networks (COPLANs). These networks are already successful in developing Internet access in many areas of Europe and across the globe.


June 2014: CREW enters open access phase


EXPERIMEDIA explores new forms of social interaction and networked media experiences. It is developing and operating a facility that offers researchers what they need for large-scale Future Media Internet experiments.

FanTaaStic: FUSECO Playground and OneLab

FanTaaStic is a project of EIT ICT Labs, the mission of which is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life. The handshake between EIT ICT Labs and DG Connect focuses on taking selected test beds to market, opening them up to new user segments, especially small business


Fed4FIRE focuses on federating FIRE facilities using a common federation framework to enable innovative, ground-breaking experiments. There are currently 17 testbeds involved in the Fed4FIRE federation, bringing a diverse set of Future Internet technologies.


Now completed, the INFINITY project has brought to the future internet landscape a number of achievements and services:

OFELIA -Open Access

OFELIA creates an experimentation space that enables the flexible integration of test and production traffic by isolating traffic domains inside the OpenFlow-enabled network equipment. This provides realistic test scenarios and permits the seamless deployment of successfully tested technology.


OpenLab delivers the ingredients to build an open, general purpose, shared experimental facility enabling European businesses and higher education institutions to innovate and assess the performance of their solutions. It builds and improves on successful FIRE prototypes in terms of scale and diversity.


SUNRISE is a new FIRE facility that aims to provide tools for the unprecedented monitoring and exploration of marine environments, extending the concept of the Future Internet, specifically the Internet of Things, to the underwater world.