European Showcase

Business benefits of FanTaaStic Test Beds

FanTaaStic cutting-edge test beds make testing easier, faster and cheaper.

The OneLab Vision 4 the Internet of things

Testing the future today with cutting-edge test beds for the internet of things.

The OneLab Vision 4 connected commerce

Testing the future today with cutting-edge test beds for connected commerce.

OneLab vision 4 smart cities

Testing the future today to create smart cities in the emerging "multinet", a multitude of connected networks.

HOPBOP: Digital Home Experiment in BonFIRE

HOPBOP is an experiment that was conducted in BonFIRE by Televes on enhancing their services for the Digital Home.

Multi-Cloud Based Multimedia Services for SMEs on BonFIRE

MediaFIRE is an experiment conducted by IN2 on the BonFIRE infrastructure in order to enhance the multimedia management and publishing tools that IN2 provides to its customers, so that they can make the most out of their content and social media interactions.

QoS Oriented Service Management in Large Scale Federated Clouds - SILICON Experiment on BonFIRE

The SILICON experiment, conducted by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), evaluated, extended and optimised a set of mechanisms (namely QoS-Oriented Service Management mechanisms) that enable the provision of QoS guarantees in cloud infrastructures.

P2P@Clouds: real-time media streaming experiment in BonFIRE

Real time media distribution services are at the core of new and emerging network architectures such as Information Centric Networks, Social Media Networks, etc.

KOPI: multi-lingual plagiarism service experimentation on BonFIRE

KOPI is the most popular plagiarism detection portal in Hungary, offering cross language plagiarism detection as well. This video shows how this data and computation intensive algorithm can be scaled using cloud federations.

CESGA - Virtual Clusters on Federated Cloud Sites with BonFIRE

Added-value of the BonFIRE infrastructure