SUNRISE is a new FIRE facility that aims to provide tools for the unprecedented monitoring and exploration of marine environments, extending the concept of the Future Internet, specifically the Internet of Things, to the underwater world. SUNRISE will enable for the first time the accurate monitiring of large marine areas 'in real time'. This is important because our future depends very much on marine environments, which play a key role for the equilibrium of many earth systems, including climate and weather.

Advances on the horizon: Deploying several underwater platforms, including unmanned mobile robots in five different marine areas, such as the Mediterranean Sea, the Atantic Ocean, the Black Sea, lakes and canals. These devices will be interconnected wirelessly, through prevailing underwater communication technologies, e.g. acoustic and optical. Data collected by sensors, whether static or mobile platforms, will be delivered to a central command and control station, enabling scientists and experts to check the status of the marine environment and take actions as needed.

The five SUNRISE facilities will be available in late summer 2015: Twente (Netherlands), UPORTO (Portugal), Centre for Marine Research and Experimentation, NATO (Italy), SUASIS (Turkey) and UB (U.S.). User participation at any level will be eased by a user-friendly web interface, enabling the connection to remote underwater devices, request measurements and remotely monitor the status of marine areas.

Open Calls: SUNRISE will organise two Open Calls to extend its infrastructure, in summer 2014 and early 2015.

Funding information: SUNRISE has received funding from the European FIRE programme for the period September 2013 - August 2016.

Discover more in the FIRE Brochure, March 2014. Got an iPad? Download the iBook version (185 MB, downloading may take some time), developed by the FORGE project, winner of the best poster at the Future Internet Assemby 2014, Athens.