OFELIA -Open Access

OFELIA creates an experimentation space that enables the flexible integration of test and production traffic by isolating traffic domains inside the OpenFlow-enabled network equipment. This provides realistic test scenarios and permits the seamless deployment of successfully tested technology. Watch the OFELIA video - The story of the switch

Sustainability: The OFELIA Foundation Task-Force was set up in August 2013 to pave the ground for sustaining and coordinating OFELIA's software development, academic and industry relations, and network connectivity. This is expected to be through a not-for-profit organisation.

What you get: The OFELIA facility consists of ten federated islands across Europe and Brazil. It enables researchers to not only experiment “on” a test network but to also control and extend the network itself, precisely and dynamically. The OFELIA facility is based on OpenFlow, a key standard within the new networking paradigm called Software Defined Networking, or SDN for short. OpenFlow enables virtualisation and control of the network environment through secure and standardised interfaces.

How to get involved: The use of OFELIA is provided "as is", free of charge, best-effort service. Any user accepting the usage policy is welcome to experiment on the OFELIA testbed. Over time, access policy may change to members only. The aim would be to encourage users to join the community and contribute to its growth by adding new islands.

Discover more in the FIRE Brochure, March 2014. Got an iPad? Download the iBook version (185 MB, downloading may take some time), developed by the FORGE project, winner of the best poster at the Future Internet Assemby 2014, Athens.