Latest updates on the workshop: Connecting European innovators to ICT test facilities, 27 June, Paris

CI-FIRE is driving an examplary collaboration with EIT ICT Labs to ensure the best possible use of FIRE test bed facilities, whether for business, education or research. "Sustainability and the best use of developed testbed infrastructures is highly critical for both FIRE and  EIT ICT Labs. Many FIRE facilities have now reached a level of maturity that allows them to be opened up to a wider use. Today, there is a strong momentum for implementing pioneering sustainability models in practice. Providing on-demand testbed usage on a commercial basis, on the one hand bears several challenges, on the other hand provides game-changing new opportunities for testbed users as well as testbed providers", says Florian Schreiner, Fraunhofer FOKUS and the FanTaaStic.

CI-FIRE is joining forces with EIT ICT Lab and its FanTaaStic project for an interactive workshop exploring opportunities to gain competitive edge by validating future internet technologies before going to market: cloud computing and big data, advanced radio technologies, mobile media oriented software applications, software defined networks (SDN), smart cities.

The workshop features Policy perspectives from the European Commission. Startup and SME requirements for using test facilities. Perspectives from large corporations and EIT ICT Labs. FanTaaStic and its One-Stop-Shopping of federated European test beds, highlighting opportunities for FIRE facility providers to advertise their services. Experiences on the road to sustainability: BonFIRE.

The workshop offers a practical “how-to” approach on using ICT test facilities, including an optional 30-minute tutorial from FanTaaStic, a One-Stop-Shopping of Federated European test beds. FIRE facility providers can discover new opportunities for the sustainable use of their facilities through synergies with FanTaaStic. Agenda

The workshop is targeting startups and innovators wishing to test new products/applications/services on large-scale test beds and platforms. Educationalists interested in the future of learning as a strategic pillar for internet experimentation facilities. Large companies and investors interested in shaping the future internet innovation in Europe and supporting entrepreneurs.

Posters on display include FORGE, FINESCE, INFINITY

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