Now completed, the INFINITY project has brought to the future internet landscape a number of achievements and services:

XiPi is an online catalogue of Future Internet Infrastructures. There are now 237 infrastructures available on XiPi. The INFINITY team will keep maintaining the repository and promoting it. If you are an experimenter, check out the large selection of future internet infrastructures and find the one that suits you!

INFINITY has also developed a Future Internet Experimental Infrastructures Roadmap. This document investigates how Future Internet infrastructures need to evolve and become sustainable. The roadmap can be used by public authorities at European, national and regional level, and by infrastructure owners and operators.

Another important achievement is the Common Description Framework, or CDF for short. The Common Description Framework is a taxonomy for the description of ICT related infrastructures, so that the key characteristics of infrastructures can be captured in a consistent and structured way. The ambition of the CDF is to become a standard for the description of Future Internet infrastructures. Read more,, or contact the INFINITY team,