The Journey to tomorrow starts now

All eyes are on Munich this week as the European Commission launches the FIWARE Accelerator Programme, an €80 million award scheme for SMEs, Startups and web-entrepreneurs using FIWARE Technologies.

The age of small business is now
A series of large scale trials have been running in companies working in the energy, health, smart manufacturing, logistics, agriculture and creative industries to test the FIWARE technology building blocks in large-scale and real-life settings. Now this opportunity is opened to SMEs, startups and web entrepreneurs.

YouTube Video: The FIWARE Accelerator Programme - The journey to tomorrow

3 step process
The most talented teams and business proposals will also receive mentoring and support. The process to join the FIWARE Accelerator Programme works like this:
1. Have a good idea for a new online service and assemble your team.

2. Check out the FIWARE online universe, from the 16 accelerators, select the ones suited to your project.

3. Put a proposal online.

Apart from cost efficiency, mentorship, feedback, and visibility, what FIWARE benefits make it the natural choice for European firms?
FIWARE is completely open source, which means the firms can avoid being locked into any one provider or corporation. They can access data from sensors and re-use it in their new service. The infrastructure is secure and trustworthy. Businesses can connect to local nodes to ensure their data is protected and complies with European regulation.

The 2nd European Conference on Future Internet (ECFI), 17-18 September 2014 in Munich was the launch pad the FIWARE Accelerator Programme.