Fed4FIRE focuses on federating FIRE facilities using a common federation framework to enable innovative, ground-breaking experiments. There are currently 17 testbeds involved in the Fed4FIRE federation, bringing a diverse set of Future Internet technologies. Fed4FIRE has already deployed the first version of its federation framework, enabling experimenters to get involved with all the affiliated testbeds in an easy manner. Fed4FIRE actively supports them in the design, set-up and execution of their specific experiments.

Open Call: 2nd Fed4FIRE Competitive Call Innovative Experiments & Additional Experimentation Facilities

What you get: Experimenters can easily find the right resources to translate their ideas into actual experiments, easily gain access to different nodes on different testbeds, and use the same tools across them. Federation has benefits for both users and providers. Users can focus on their research without having to worry about the practical aspects of experimentation. Infrastructure providers benefit from a larger community of experimenters and the re-use of tools developed within the federation. The preference for distributed components means that federation is not compromised if individual testbeds or partners discontinue their support, in both the short and long term.

How to get involved: There are several ways of getting involved with Fed4FIRE, such as Open Calls and ultimately Open Access (please check the website regularly for more information). To join without funding, email the project leaders at contact@fed4fire.eu.

Funding information: Fed4FIRE has received funding from the European FIRE programme for the period October 2012 - September 2016.