EXPERIMEDIA: Instant information for a cooler local experience

Getting all the information you want about one place usually means visiting lots of different websites. But at Schladming Ski Resort, tourists and residents can access all of the internet’s relevant information at once, using its online information centre, Digital Schladming.

There are times when you want information about just where you are, not about everywhere else. And local content producers – like businesses – just want to talk to you, not the whole world. You both want to share the information quickly. So it’s frustrating for users to browse through lots of different websites or waste time trying to access password-restricted sites.
For tourists and residents at Schladming Ski Resort in Austria, that frustration might be a thing of the past. Media company IN2 have successfully concluded a trial of the site “Digital Schladming”, which gives instant access to information about everything related to the resort – accommodation, transport, weather, events, visitors’ experiences and, of course, the skiing.
Schladming Ski Resort is a leading international ski resort in Austria and part of Austria’s Ski Amadé ski resort network. As host of events such as the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 1982 and 2013, Schladming attracts sports professionals and amateurs to enjoy sports and social activities within the region, all looking for the information to make the most of their visit.
The ski resort is already part of the EU’s EXPERIMEDIA project for new media and social networks. As a smart venue offering live events and communities of all ages and lifestyles, its digital infrastructure is well-placed for researching and testing innovative technologies for new forms of social interaction and experience.
This is where Digital Schladming comes into play. It offers a virtual stage to showcase all the relevant content about Schladming to the world. Content is hyperlocal – only related to the ski resort – but comes from many different sources, using content syndication and advanced filtering to pull together only the information users need.
It enhances visitor experience by providing access to all of Schladming’s social media channels in one place in real time. Information feeds from social media, blogs, video and image sharing platforms are aggregated, while registered users benefit from a private space where they can store their Schladming memories and instantly share them with the community.
Digital Schladming builds on IN2’s state-of-the-art ON:meedi:a platform, which manages multimedia content. It incorporates innovative EXPERIMEDIA components to enable video content delivery, collect content from multiple social media sources and analyse online data for relevant information. The interface boasts a powerful search functionality with dynamic filters for the search results.
The resulting application is completely web-based and responsive, making it accessible on almost all user devices. Digital Schladming has benefited visitor experience and stakeholders in the local region. When planning their vacation, tourists can easily get a visual overview of what Schladming is about by visiting the Schladming ‘Pinboard’, a collection of images. All the social media channels that they could use are already there.
For Schladming, their online presence is more dynamic and visually engaging. Stakeholders can regain control of the content they share on social media channels and are able to tap into a new opportunity for engaging with their guests. The experiment proves the potential of hyperlocal media for the broader tourism sector and marks the beginning of a collaboration with the region of Schladming. Local stakeholders are happy with the results of the trialled solution, and the Digital Schladming system will soon be available on the official Schladming Ski Resort site.