Evolution of FIRE, March 2014

Evolution of FIRE: Facilities, Services and Collaboration Strategies for Sustainability, 17-18 March 2014

A Pre-FIA workshop co-hosted by AmpliFIRE, CI-FIRE and FUSION

FIRE (future internet research and experimentation) has brought Europe several large-scale test beds and platforms addressing a broad range of technologies, applications and services for the Future Internet. The workshop, Evolution of FIRE: Facilities, Services and Collaboration Strategies for Sustainability, explored ways of making FIRE facilities and services sustainable after EC funding has expired. The workshop brought together providers of FIRE test facilities, the FI-PPP (future internet public-private partnership), the EIT ICT Labs' project FanTaaStic, and private sector players.

The workshop was co-hosted by CI-FIRE, AmpliFIRE and FUSION, three support actions funded through the European Commission’s FIRE programme, each playing a complementary role in promoting European FIRE facilities, uptake, success stories and sustainability.

Blog post on Session 1: Market demands and requirements for FIRE facilities

Florian Schreiner (Fraunhofer FOKUS and FanTaaStic): Towards sustainable Future Internet testbeds for Europe's ICT education, research and innovation - Commercial roll-out of Testbed-as-a-Service | Maurizio Cecchi (Telecom Italia, XIFI): FI-PPP and SME demands to the utilisation of FIRE facilities and services | Stefan Bouckaert (iMinds, AmpliFIRE): Experimentation demands and expectations of Future Internet stakeholders: The iLab.t use case and implications for FIRE

Blog post on Session 2: The role of FIRE and other facilities for business-driven development of Internet services and applications

Donal Morris (Redzinc, FUSION): SME demands related to using FIRE facilities | Dimitrios Karvounas (WING ICT Solutions): Experiences from experimenting with a FIRE facility: the CREW testbed  | Wim Vandenberghe (iMINDS, FED4FIRE): SMEs benefiting from FIRE: The FED4FIRE Open Call

Blog post on Session 3: Collaboration opportunities for the economic viability of FIRE facilities and services

Serge Fdida (UPMC Sorbonne): An internet of Test Beds | Mauro Campanella (GARR): Perspectives for collaboration between FIRE and GÉANT  | Wim Vandenberghe (iMinds, Fed4FIRE): Interview on the Collaboration between FIRE and GENI

Blog post on Session 4: Roadmap and action plan for making FIRE facilities and services sustainable
The outcomes of this session, moderated by Paul Grace (IT Innovation, AmpliFIRE), have helped to shape the FIRE Future Structure and Evolution Report, AmpliFIRE, April 2014.