Action Lines

EIT ICT Labs is an Innovation Factory for ICT Innovation in Europe and the innovation action lines are the production lines. They address key societal issues in a number of selected areas for which ICT can bring forward significant improvements.

Core ICT developments focus on Future Networks, Future Cloud and Privacy, Security and Trust.

Future Networks

Adressing cost-Effective and Energy Efficient Networking Solutions to support the increasing traffic, new traffic types and devices. Increased network capacity necessary. Increased network capacity necessary. Learn more about the action line on future networks.


Future Cloud

Cloud and Intelligent Big Data Management, Visualisation and Exploitation. Distributed Real-Time Cloud Services. Quality of Service, Services Brokering and Delivery within Distributed Heterogeneous Clouds. New Cloud Service Ecosystems. Learn more about the action line on future cloud.

Privacy, Security and Trust

Priority 1: Secure and Privacy-aware E-authentication and Digital Identity Management. Priority 2: Protection of Data Privacy in Online and Mobile Applications, Services and Communications. Priority 3: Mobile Cyber-Security, Addressing Malicious Software in Mobile and Online Applications. Learn more about the action line on privacy, security and trust.

ICT-enabled developments focus on: cyber-physical systems, health and wellbeing, smart energy, smart spaces, urban life and mobility.

Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) enable the physical world to merge with the virtual leading to an Internet of things, data and services. CPS opening new areas of innovation. Learn more about the action line on cyber-physical systems.

Health and wellbeing

Sustain a healthy lifestyle in Ambient Assisted Living and Active Healthy Ageing. Mental Wellbeing – Enabling people to create optimum balance in life to deal with the challenges of every-day life. Physical Wellbeing - Healthy consumption and physical activity. Supporting people in promoting their health by improving what, when and how they eat and drink. Social Wellbeing - Encouraginging interaction with other individuals or health professionals to induce a healthier lifestyle. Learn more about the action line on health and wellbeing.

Smart energy systems

Smart Energy Systems focuses on ICT as the key enabler for Smart Grid innovation and mobilises a strong network of European partners from industry and academia to innovate on user involvement, business models and ICT enabled technical infrastructures. Learn more about the action line on smart energy systems.

Smart spaces

Smart spaces refer to built environments such as apartments, offices, museums, hospitals, schools, malls, university campuses, and outdoor areas that are enabled for co-operation of smart objects and systems, and for ubiquitous interaction with frequent and sporadic visitors. Learn more about the action line on smart spaces.

Urban Life and mobility

Statistics, forecasts and population studies confirm the continuous migration of population towards cities. There, people find jobs, better access to services and better decision making by governments and public authorities. Learn more about the action line on urban life and mobility.