June 2014: CREW enters open access phase

CREW facilitates experimentally-driven research on advanced spectrum sensing, cognitive networking strategies for horizontal and vertical spectrum sharing in licensed and unlicensed bands. CREW federates four individual wireless testbeds, built on diverse wireless technologies: heterogeneous industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio; heterogeneous licensed radio (TV-bands), cellular networks (LTE) and wireless sensors.

What you get: The CREW portal provides information to help potential experimenters to find the most suitable test facility along with a guide on how to get started. A common portal with a detailed description of testbed services and user guidelines. A federated platform combining expertise, software and hardware enabling experimental optimisation and validation of cognitive radio and cognitive networking concepts in diverse scenarios, such as radio environment sensing for cognitive radio spectrum sharing, horizontal resource sharing between heterogenous networks in the ISM bands, co-operation in heterogenous networks in licensed bands, robust cognitive sensor networks, measuring the impact of cognitive networking on primary cellular systems.

How to get involved: CREW has now entered a continuous Open Access phase, offering best effort access to the facilities at no chargee for non-commercial organisations. Access includes basic support, guidelines, tutorials, handbooks and very basic technical support. If you require more support, you can submit a request for experimentation with guaranteed availability and support. Get more information on Open Access use of the CREW facilities.

CREW and the EVARILOS project. Accurate and robust indoor localisation is a key enabler for context-aware Future Internet applications. EVARILOS is addressing major challenges associated with indoor localisation research to ensure solutions perform well in different physical indoor environments under realistic RF interference conditions. Its main outcome, the EVARILOS Suite, will be implemented in the CREW and TWIST facilities and publicly available under open source licenses.

Funding information: CREW is funded through the European Commission's FIRE programme for the period October 2010 to September 2015. It has extended its user base through two Open Calls.

Discover more in the FIRE Brochure, March 2014. Got an iPad? Download the iBook version (185 MB, downloading may take some time), developed by the FORGE project, winner of the best poster at the Future Internet Assemby 2014, Athens.