Eurescom: European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications GmbH, is a leading international project management company in the area of cooperative R&D in ICT. Since its foundation in 1991, it has gained outstanding experience in managing international cooperative projects for network operators, service providers, and suppliers in the telecommunications sector, using a dynamic network of experts. In addition to managing its private R&D programme, Eurescom has over ten years of experience in managing European funded initiatives and has played an active role in supporting the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) and Future Internet Assembly (Net Futures from 2015).


Consulting: a consultancy company, founded in 1996, which specialises in the management of international collaborative projects. Its employees have gained experience participating in European collaborative telecommunications research projects since 1988. The company is closely associated with the running of some of the largest collaborative R&D projects in the EU Framework Programmes related to information technology, telecommunications and the Internet. The company also has technical competence in a broad range of new technologies: Premium IP, IPv6, Mobile IP, WLAN, agent technologies, and IP-over-optics.


Trust-IT Services Ltd: a UK SME operating from Italy, is a prime mover in cloud computing and ICT standards. Trust-IT spearheaded the high-profile in 2009, successfully transforming it into a self-sustained event since 2013. It is also leading similar events in Brazil. Its expertise covers research analysis, copywriting and media relations, marketing, and business models. It has led European initiatives on cloud computing and standards, such as the SIENA initiative, where it acted as main author of the SIENA Roadmap as a “reference document for standardisation efforts”, and currently coordinates CloudWATCH.


TU Berlin (Technische Universitaet Berlin): one of the largest technical universities in Germany and member of TU9, a network of the leading Institutes of Technology in the country. It chairs the Next Generation Networks (NGN), suporting Master and PhD students in carrying out pioneering and sustainable research based on fundamental principles. It is also a pioneer of joint research activities in the context of service-oriented secure Future Internet, and technology breakthroughs spanning next generation networks, federation, quality of service, and emergency service support in federated provider environments.


Université Pierre et Marie Curie: the largest scientific and medical university in France. Its computer science lab, LIP6, is internationally recognised as a leading research institute. The LIP6 Networks and Performance Analysis (NPA) group focuses on the Internet of the future, with the vision of an autonomous, reliable, high-performance, and secure pervasive network. Transfer is measurable though contributions to standards groups, startups (e.g. Qosmos), commercial contracts and close links with EIT ICT Labs in France and beyond.